Regular People Wear Their Clothes which two teachers attempt to be fashionable while wearing the clothes that are in their closets

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My Thrifty Ways Begin in Earnest

I might be on a budget now, but I still do enjoy the shopping from time to time…here’s a few things I picked up at the local resale shop!

The dress is much cuter when not covered by a slightly slumpy cardigan. But I do love these colors together!

Dress: Banana Republic, resale, ca. 2014 

Shoes: J Crew, resale, ca. 2014

Cardigan: Gap Outlet, ca. 2012

Leggings: Target, ca. 2013

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Weekend wear

Remember how I like to choose one outfit and then wear it all weekend? I’ve basically been wearing this since yesterday morning.

Shirt: Feminist Apparel, ca. 2014 (It says, “Never Read the Comments.” But don’t worry, you guys are nice to us so Stefanie and I read all of your comments!)

Shorts: Target, ca. 2013

Shoes: Clarks, ca. 2014

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(More) Sandals of the Summer?

So yesterday I gushed about my “sandals of the summer” but I think those Sundance flatforms have some competition in these Minnetonka flats.  I’ve worn them at least ten times in the last couple months and I love them so much that I just ordered them in black as well!  

Sandals: Minnetonka, ca. 2014

Jeans: Paige, ca. 2014

Tank: Gap, ca. 2014

Cardigan: Target, ca.

Sunglasses: Valentino, ca. 2013

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32 Days of Summer (Left!)


Yesterday as I was coming home from school, I ran into my next door neighbor and he couldn’t believe that kids (and teachers!) were back in school already.  He remarked that there’s still a month of official summer left, and that inspired me to wear some of my favorite summery items today!  Over the past couple months these sandals took me from work to weddings, and these hammered gold earrings have become my go-to when I need a little glow.  Summer vacation may be over, but summer is still alive in my wardrobe!

Sandals: Sundance, ca. 2014

Earrings: SoundsofSilver via Etsy, ca. 2014

Pants: Gap, ca. 2014

Tank: Joe Fresh, ca. 2012

Cardigan: Target, ca. 2010

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On a Wednesday

Well, it’s only the third day of school and I’m already wearing jeans. But they’re gray so you kind of can’t tell. Right?

Cardigan: Loft, resale, ca. 2014

White shirt: Anthropologie, ca. 2009

Gray jeans: Anthropologie, ca. 2013

Shoes: Softspots, ca. 2014

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Accidentally on trend

I’ve been wearing Birkenstocks for the past 20 years, and now the supermodels and waify actresses have finally caught up with me. Birkenstocks are popular! 

My old ones were on their last legs so I got a new pair recently.

These are SO COMFY. Also shiny and all around fantastic. 

Shirt: Lilla P via Earthly Goods, ca. 2014

Pants: Citizens of Humanity, ca. 2013

Shoes: Birkenstock, ca. 2014

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New school year, new dress.

I’m on a super strict budget now…$100 a month for both clothing and beauty (this includes haircuts, which as we know can be expensive), and I’m proud to say that I’ve stuck to it in August!  Over the next few weeks I might post a few new things I bought in June and July, but after that it’s thrifting and shopping my closet. 

I bought this dress back in May, because I really liked how it fit through the torso, but it had some weird sleeve ruffle action. I removed the ruffles, but then realized I was in over my head, so I put it in a pile to take to the tailor and, well, here we are 3 months later. I think it was worth the wait!

Dress: Anthropologie, ca. 2014

Shoes: Naturalizer, ca. 2005

Earrings: Make Pie, Not War, ca. 2014

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Remember when…

…I used to be afraid of pastels (see here and here)?  I guess I got over that:)  This necklace really set the tone.  I wore it with a black dress this weekend, but today I figured why not go with the sea glass theme and go pastel all over!

Necklace: Gap Outlet, ca. 2014

Tank: Gap, ca. 2014

Pants: Gap Outlet, ca. 2014

Cardigan: Target, ca.

Sandals: American Eagle Outfitters, ca. 2012

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Hurray for the First Day!

What better day than the first day of school to come back to blogging?!  Heather and I just finished a grad school program, so now that I have some more time on my hands, you’ll be seeing a lot more of me!

Dress: Boden, ca. 2014

Jacket: Old Navy, ca. 2014

Flats: Old Navy, ca. 2013

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Finally on vacation!

Summer school is over, summer planning has been planned, so I’m finally off work for a few days. A perfect time to lounge in a hammock with some comfy shoes! Although, let’s be real, I’ve worn these shoes to work multiple times.

Shoes: Clarks, ca. 2014