Regular People Wear Their Clothes which two teachers attempt to be fashionable while wearing the clothes that are in their closets

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In which I shop my own cast-offs, and almost wear a crop top

The other night I couldn’t stop thinking about this pair of green pants that I used to have, decided didn’t fit right, and had put in a box of clothes that I might use for a quilt someday (yeah, right) because I liked the fabric. So at like 3 in the morning I dug out the box, tried on the pants, and sure enough they fit just fine. 

Those pants are not in this picture. But they are in my closet now and I plan to wear them when I go back to work in the fall.

What is in this picture is a top that I also found in the box. (I found two tops in the box, so check back soon to see the other one.) I think I might have abandoned this top because it was too short, but now that everyone and their mother seems to be wearing crop tops, I figured, why not. This isn’t really a crop top because it doesn’t show skin unless I raise my arms, but let’s be honest, it’s probably as close as I’ll get to a crop top for the forseeable future.

Shirt: Old Navy, resale, ca. 2003?

Pants: AG, resale, ca. 2013

Shoes: Cherish via DSW, ca. 2012

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Shoes of the Summer

As you know I always have one dress of the summer and some shoes of the summer. This is the dress of the summer from two summers ago…don’t worry, there’s a dress of the summer for 2014, and I’ll get a picture of it soon. For today, I present the shoes of the summer. So comfy, and so orange!

Dress: Many Belles Down, ca. 2012

Leggings: Target, ca. 2013

Shoes: Softspots, ca. 2014

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Summer School and a $9.99 shirt

I’ve been working half days this summer, which leaves a lot of time for browsing the sale rack at Anthropologie. The other day my friend Lauren and I came across this top and knew that one of us had to go home with it—it’s got a cute arrow pattern on it and it was only $9.99! Luckily I tried it on first and Lauren let me keep it. 

In other news, that $9.99 is the only money I’ve spent on clothing this month! I am feeling very proud of my budgeting skills.

Shirt: Anthropologie, ca. 2014

Pants: AG, resale, ca. 2013

Shoes: Convert, ca. 2012

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Regular People Go to a Wedding

Remember Ben and Tim? (Here they are at our first blogiversary party) They got married this weekend! There were two events, each with a different dress code:

"Night out on the Town"


This event involved a lot of dancing (obviously), so it was a perfect opportunity to wear my much-neglected romper and some low heels.

Romper: Anthropologie, ca. 2013

Shoes: Steve Madden, ca. 2006

"Picnic Chic"


The ceremony was in a beautiful redwood grove. Tim and Ben looked fantastically happy of course, but I was too busy blubbering to get a picture. What is it about wedding vows? Anyway, here’s what I wore:

Dress: Thrifted, ca. 2010

Shoes: Seychelles, ca. 2011

Earrings: LOFT, ca. 2009

Congratulations, Ben and Tim!

(ETA: Thanks to Vanessa, who had the presence of mind to take a photo, here’s a slightly blurry picture of the grooms exchanging rings!)

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Skinny pants and heels

I got a lot of compliments on this outfit, mostly related to the skinny pants/kitten heel combination. I’ve never really worn it before, but based on the response I think I will be experimenting more with variations of this look during the spring and summer! 

Shirt: Anthropologie, ca. 2014

Pants: Anthropologie, ca. 2013

Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction, ca. 2006

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Summer is Coming

I know that in Westeros, winter is coming. But I live in California, and here it’s like 80 degrees, which means it’s time for the summer dresses!

Dress: Anthropologie, ca. 2013

Cardigan: Gap Outlet, ca. 2012

Shoes: Butter, resale, ca. 2013

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Spring Break!

We’re on spring break so I’ve been separated from my photographer (Hi, Stefanie!), but here’s a glimpse into what I’ve been wearing.

It’s been a bit cold and rainy, so sweaters, scarves, jeans, and boots have been the uniform! 

Scarf: Handknit, ca. 2014 (Free Pattern: Nae)

Sweater: Anthropologie, ca. 2013

Jeans: Anthropologie, ca. 2013

Booties: Aerosoles, hand-me-down from Stefanie, ca. 2014

P.S. Please note that I DID MY HAIR.

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What I Learned from the Professional Challenge

Well, the professional challenge is officially over, and I made it! I didn’t end up posting as much as I would have liked, but I did not wear jeans to work during our third quarter. (With one exception: one day I left work at noon to fly to Washington DC, so I wore jeans that day to facilitate travel comfort. I felt like that was justified.)

Towards the the end of the challenge I was on BART with my class during morning commute hours, and I was doing my usual people watching and outfit analysis. (Ever since I’ve had this blog, I can’t stop noticing what everyone is wearing.) Here’s what I noticed: the people who I felt looked most professional and ready for their day were not necessarily wearing the fanciest outfits. It had more to do with how “put together” they looked—that is, their hair, jewelry, the coordination and care with which it appeared they had selected their outfit. Whether or not they were wearing jeans (or other casual clothes) had very little to do with it. 

So, this is what I’ve learned from my professional challenge:

1) It is important to have pants that fit.

2) I need to do my hair. (If this sounds familiar, it’s because I have posted about it many times before. And yet I still don’t do my hair.)

3) It doesn’t matter whether or not I wear jeans, it matters that I’m thoughtful about how I present myself.

Jeans: Red Engine, ca. 2012

Cardigan: Old Navy, gift, ca. 2013

Shirt: Ann Taylor Outlet, ca. 2013

Boots: Softwalk, ca. 2006

Necklace: Renegade Craft Fair, ca. 2012

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Breaking the rules

My number one fashion rule is “never wear anything you’re old enough to have pictures of yourself looking ridiculous in the first time it was in style.”

I am breaking that rule today by wearing leg warmers with pumps. I may not have actually worn leg warmers with pumps in the 80’s when it was popular, but that’s only because my mom wouldn’t buy me high heels. I definitely wore this look with flats a time or two.

Today’s fashion advice: Go ahead and wear it if you want to. Who cares about the rules.

Dress: Banana Republic, ca. 2013

Leggings: Target, ca. 2013

Leg warmers: Handknit, ca. 2014 (Pattern: Salander)

Shoes: Butter, resale, ca. 2013

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